TZD Envoy Program: Instagram

A TZD Envoy is an Instagram influencer who receives, uses and reviews Tee Zen merchandise in addition to promoting Tee Zen Designs’ social media accounts.

Approved Envoys receive…
  • One piece of Tee Zen merchandise each quarter.
    … up to a $30 retail value
    … we select the product, you select the size, color and design
    … we also pay the shipping
  • Unique discount code for your followers.
  • Permanent follow from Tee Zen Designs.
  • Account engagement as scheduling allows. (We’re a very small shop, so time can often be at a premium.)
  • Monthly appreciation shout outs.

You must:

  • Have an Instragram account with at least one thousand followers.
  • Post to the above account at least 3 times weekly.
  • Engage Tee Zen Designs via #tzdlife or @teezendesigns at least twice per quarter. One can be your merchandise post – see below.

When you receive your Tee Zen merchandise, you will need to:

  • Post at least three photos to your account using #tzdlife
    … 1 of product in/with packaging
    … 1 ‘lifestyle’ – you using the product
    … 1 of your choice
  • Post a review at for that specific merchandise.

NOTE: You must provide us the opportunity to correct any issues you discover before photos are posted/reviews are left. We’re looking for reviews that reflect our service level as well as the product and design quality!

  • We have a limited quantity of Envoy merchandise to award each quarter, so only a few applicants are accepted.
  • We are particular about who may become an envoy. Please be thoughtful when completing your application (don’t worry, it’s short!)
  • We review Envoy accounts at least quarterly – and determine ongoing eligibility for the following quarter on an account-by-account basis.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue the Envoy agreement at any time, without warning, via notification by e-mail.
  • We are planning to expand this program in the future, offering more merchandise, bigger discounts, and potentially even commissions.

The link for the application is immediately below. There are only a few questions and it should take fewer than five minutes to complete.


Thank you for your interest in the Tee Zen Designs TZD Envoy affiliation!

TZD Envoy Program: Instagram

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