Our Services

  • Our logo design service consists of discovery, concept creation, review, refinement, and delivery.
  • We endeavor to balance our discovery between the value of your time and obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your wants and needs.
    – As you consider working with us, be prepared to discuss things like what emotions you want your logo to elicit, in addition to colors, style, etc.
    – “Back of the napkin” sketches are always welcome to help with setting context!
  • We create two to four concepts based on discovery.
    – Concepts are truly just draft ideas, meant to represent possible directions.
    – No aspect of any single concept is set in stone at this point.
  • We then review these with you to establish a template for our continued work.
    – The plan/template may consist of a combination of components from any/all of the concepts, and/or new ideas.
    – Ideally, we have a sense of style, font, color, emotion, etc. at this point.
    – The plan/template is utilized to estimate effort for ongoing design work. We don’t want you billed for effort you weren’t expecting!
  • Refinement is typically an iterative process involving the artist working on the design and checking in with you at regular intervals.
    – Check-ins will be included as part of the plan/template.
    – Alterations to plan/template that may result in extended effort will require your sign-off before continuing.
  • Delivery occurs once design receives your final approval.
    – Delivery includes a high resolution, transparent background .png file of your logo and a release of copyright for the aggregate artwork.
    – Delivery may also include planned variations such as dark vs light backgrounds, sans taglines, vertical vs horizontal layouts, etc.
    – Delivery is made via our e-commerce platform, which enables download upon payment of billable time.
  • Discovery, one hour of concept creation, and one half hour of review are complimentary.
    – Effort beyond these specific activities is billable at our current services rate.
    – Current services Rate: $80 per hour in 15 minute increments – rounded up.
  • Billable time may be deferred indefinitely by electing to purchase your promotional merchandise through Tee Zen Designs, LLC.
    – A single, lower-resolution version of the final art will be provided via email or direct messaging for web/social media use.
    – Purchases of Tee Zen Merchandise over time will generate credit toward the outright purchase of your logo artwork copyright.
    – See Corporate Merchandise tab on this page.
  • We can place your logo – from monochrome to full color – on a wide variety of merchandise.
  • Working with a select group of suppliers and specialists allows us to provide unparalleled flexibility.
  • We rarely require a minimum purchase or setup fees.
  • Minor tweaks to artwork for specific printing requirements are provided at no charge.
  • More involved edits to artwork can be performed at our current services rate.
    – Current services Rate: $80 per hour in 15 minute increments – rounded up.
  • Once finalized, merchandise is available for purchase via our ecommerce platform.
    – Merchandise page may be made available to anyone wishing to purchase or password protected to restrict access/purchase.
  • Merchandise finalized with a logo designed by Tee Zen can generate credit toward the expense of the design process.
    – See Logo Design tab on this page.

Our Portfolio Highlights:

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