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What are the rules for your Social Media contests?

Tee Zen Designs occasionally runs contests on our social media accounts. We usually focus on expanding our brand following by using giveaways so you could win something for helping us out. Here are the official rules for our giveaway contests:

  • Your participation must be on the platform(s) specifically indicated in the contest announcement.
  • You must be 18 years of age to participate and contests offering a choice of design may limit which designs are available to those under 21.
  • You must reside in the United States to participate in our contests.
  • Your participation specifically releases the utilized social media platform(s) of any involvement or responsibility for the contest.
  • You are not required to make any purchases to participate. Any related giveaways will be at no merchandise or shipping expense to the recipient.
Other rules may apply to individual contests and will be included in the specific contest announcement.

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