Inner Thoughts… Outside Voice!
Since 2009
Tee Zen Designs

About Us

Tee Zen Designs is a small studio based in Central NH, USA. We love creating fun graphics and often use them to complement statements reflecting wisdom and/or sarcasm.

Our Mission is to provide quality merchandise reflecting creativity, humor, and insight as means of generating happiness, building community, and encouraging generosity.

Our Company Values:

  • Integrity: We demonstrate and encourage the highest standards in every action.
  • Boldness: We are fearlessly funny and daringly thought-provoking.
  • Originality: We inspire with visuals that are creative and exclusive to our brand.
  • Customer First: We provide the best possible service to, and relationships with, our consumers.
  • Diversity: We value all human beings and endeavor to reflect this in our creativity.
  • Environmental Consciousness: We look for and prioritize relationships and processes which support sustainability and minimal waste.
  • Philanthropy: We encourage charity support, with focuses on human equality and animal welfare.

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